JournalStone Will Be Open To Submissions This July

JournalStone is a great independent press. They publish independent horror – everything from weird, Gothic to psychological, and almost everything in between. You can find their submission guidelines here.

According to JournalStone: We will be OPEN to submissions from JULY 15-SEPTEMBER 15 2020 ONLY.  Note: Manuscripts received outside the official  submission window will be deleted unread.

These are just a few a few of the books JournalStone has published.

Guidelines for all submissions:

  • We want horror in all its forms—from literary to weird, Gothic to psychological, and (almost) everything in between. We’re looking for amazing stories from amazing authors, regardless of race, gender, religion—if you’ve got something good, we want it. (Please do not submit romance, erotica, or religious fiction.)
  • Need a firm idea of what we’re looking for? Check out the JournalStone website.
  • The title of your email subject line and file name should read: “[Last name]-[title]-[submission type]”. For example: King – Carrie – Novel. This should also be the title of your manuscript document.
  • In the body of your email, please give us the word count, genre, and a brief synopsis (300-500 words) of the plot. Submissions without this information will be automatically deleted. Do not include your synopsis as an attachment.
  • Submissions should be sent to Attach the full manuscript as a .doc, .docx or .rtf file (no PDFs). Do not paste your manuscript in the body of the email. For proper formatting of your manuscript, please follow the Shunn way.
  • Minimum word count for novels and fiction collections: 50,000.
  • Minimum word count for novellas: 20,000.
  • We consider the quality of the editing in our review process. Please fully proofread and edit manuscripts prior to submission. Do not submit sample chapters or a work in progress. We accept only completed works.
  • Allow six to eight months for a response to your submission. We may respond more quickly, but we cannot guarantee timing.
  • Please do not send follow up e-mails. We will notify you when we place your work in the queue, and will contact you when we have completed our review.
  • Submissions are free. We do not charge any fees to authors. If we approve your submission for publication, we will make the investment in you and your product.
  • Please, no multiple submissions, and no previously-published novels. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but let us know that your work has been sent out to other markets, and if it gets accepted elsewhere.
  • If you choose to self-publish, or market your manuscript elsewhere, please send an email withdrawing your submission.This is only common courtesy.
  • This goes without saying (or so we thought) but: if you’ve submitted to us before and we declined your manuscript, do not submit it again.
  • We offer standard royalty terms.
  • We will be reading for both JournalStone and its imprint, Trepidatio Publishing. We are not currently reading for Bizarro Pulp Press.

First Jason’s New Music Video “Kill For Mother”

First Jason is the heavy metal band, led by frontman Ari Lehman, the first actor to ever play Jason Voorhees. The band released the parody music video “Kill For Mother,” featured on their newly released album, Lord of the Lake.

For more information on the band please visit their official websiteFacebook, YouTube, or Spotify.

Watch First Jason live on stage at the following upcoming shows:


Gerard Butler Faces The End Of The World In ‘Greenland’

From director Ric Roman Waugh and the producer of the John Wick franchise, comes Greenland, a survival film about a family desperate to find safety during what may very well be the end of the world.

Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Hope Davis, Andrew Bachelor, and Joshua Mikel star in this intense thrill ride produced by Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, and Alan Siegal.


A family fights for survival as planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan make a perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary. Amid terrifying news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by the comet’s fragments, the Garrity’s experience the best and worst in humanity. As the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven.Witness the end of the world as we know it in Greenland.

The film opens in theaters on August 14, 2020 from STXfilms.

An Infection Breaks Out This Summer In ‘The Beach House’ Trailer

The Beach House is Jeffrey A. Brown’s directorial debutand stars Liana Liberato, Noah Le Gros, Jake Weber and Maryanne Nagel.


Escaping to a family’s beach house to reconnect, Emily and Randall find their off-season trip interrupted by Mitch and Jane Turner, an older couple acquainted with Randall’s estranged father. Unexpected bonds form as the couples let loose and enjoy the isolation, but it all takes an ominous turn as increasingly strange environmental phenomena begin to warp their peaceful evening. As the effects of an infection become evident, Emily struggles to make sense of the contagion before it’s too late.

The trailer and poster for The Beach House have arrived ahead of its July 9th release on AMC’s Shudder.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Finally Gets Blu-ray

The Taking of Deborah Logan will be released on Blu-ray via MVD and Terror Films on July 14th, 2020.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is the feature film directorial debut of Adam Robitel (Insidious: The Last Key, Escape Room). The films stars Anne Ramsay (Bombshell), Jill Larson (Shutter Island), Michelle Ang (Triple 9) and Ryan Cutrona (Changeling).


Deborah Logan, a woman battling Alzheimer’s, allows a film crew to document her condition. As the days of filming progress, the crew notes strange behaviors and occurrences happening around Deborah inconsistent with Alzheimer’s -things that are dark and ominous. Whatever it is that’s within her is clearly trying to get out and it threatens to consume anyone who tries to stop it.

The Blu-ray will include a making-of featurette.

Murder Manual Is Out Now

The trailer has arrived for Murder Manual, the new horror film anthology starring Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.


Each segment of the anthology is connected and comes together to create a murder manual. Its eight tales featuring multiple classic horror tropes including zombies, masked killers, and the paranormal.

Creepy, terrifying chapters from a book of horror include a little girl’s journey from a world of nightmares into the nightmare of reality, a gay couple’s romantic getaway in Palm Springs that turns murderous, a young woman whose rideshare turns deadly, and a girl who is held captive by a circus that must be rescued by her husband…

Clarke stars as Maula, a captive of a circus who attempts to escape her husband’s torment. The film’s cast also includes Bryan Manley Davis (Percy Jackson And The Olympians) and Hadley Fraser (The Legend of Tarzan).

Murder Manual is distributed by Ammo Content and Hewes Pictures. The film has a very impressive list of directors that includes Matt Newton, Douglas Keeve, Nour Wazzi, Toni Tikkanen, and Robin Whitten.

Murder Manual is out now available on Amazon and coming soon to On Demand.

Check out the trailer below.

Two Heads Creek Arriving In June

The Horror Collective will be releasing the UK/Australian horror-comedy Two Heads Creek on June 23rd, 2020. The film will be coming to VOD and streaming platforms.


After the death of their adoptive mother, a timid butcher and his drama-queen twin sister leave the UK and adventure to Australia in search of their biological mother, but the local townsfolk of Two Heads Creek are hiding a dark secret. The pair must reconcile their differences to fight for their lives in this playfully dark comedy-horror.

Two Heads Creek is written by Jordan Waller and directed by Jesse O’Brien (Alien Arrival) and produced by Jayne Chard and Judd Tilyard. Vickie Gest and Brett Thornquest co-produce with Steven Matusko serving as executive producer.

The film stars Kathryn Wilder (Murder On The Orient Express, Ready Player One), Jordan Waller (Victoria, Darkest Hour), Kerry Armstrong (The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee), Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit trilogy), Gary Sweet (Wolf Creek), Don Bridges (Judy & Punch, Troll Bridge), Kevin Harrington (Seachange), and Helen Dallimore (Hardball, Into The Woods).

Darkness Calls When The Luring Is Released This June

The Luring is written and directed by Christopher Wells and stars Rick Irwin, Michaela Sprague, Molly Fahey, Dan Berkey and Henry Gagliardi. After going around the festival circuit, Wild Eye Releasing will bring the independent horror film to digital platforms and DVD June 16. 


Garrett [Irwin] tries to recover a lost memory that took place during his 10th birthday at his family’s vacation home in Vermont. Unbeknownst to him, something unspeakable happened; as a result, Garrett was found in a non-responsive state by his parents. Psychiatrists call it dissociative amnesia–a loss of memory due to a traumatic event–but Garrett will soon learn some memories reveal things he wished weren’t true.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

All The Wrong Friends Set For Summer Release

Terror Films latest film poses the question: “Can you trust your friends?”

All The Wrong Friends is the feature film debut of Ryan Hawkins and Mark Kerins. The film centers around a group of high school friends, who reunite for a vacation one year after graduating. They soon find that their relationships have changed for the worse after one of them turns up dead. As accusations begin to fly, no one is safe and everyone suspects everyone else of murder, in this twist-filled thriller.

All The Wrong Friends is filled with a young cast of up-and-comers including Brina Palencia (The CW’s Star-Crossed), Krishna Smitha (HBO’s Silicon Valley), Ricco Fajardo (Fruits Basket), Dexter Hostetter (Aria the Scarlet Ammo), Sean O’Connor (Ping Pong the Animation), Tom Gelo (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) – with Andrew Milbourn and Alexandra Chaudoin rounding out the cast. 

The film is set for an early June release across digital platforms: Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu and more.

Check out the trailer below.

Horror-Western The Pale Door Arrives In August

RLJE Films and Shudder have teamed up to acquire the North American rights to The Pale Door, a horror-western from Fangoria and Paper Street Pictures, The Wrap reports.

The Pale Door is directed by Aaron B. Koontz (Camera Obscura & Scare Package). Fangoria’s CEO, Dallas Sonnier, saw success as a producer on Bone Tomahawk in 2015.

RLJE Films hopes to release the film theatrically and on VOD and digital HD in August 2020, and The Pale Door will then premiere on Shudder at a later date.


The Dalton gang finds shelter in a seemingly uninhabited ghost town after a train robbery goes south. Seeking help for their wounded leader, they are surprised to stumble upon a welcoming brothel in the town’s square. But the beautiful women who greet them are actually a coven of witches with very sinister plans for the unsuspecting outlaws.

Aaron B. Koontz co-wrote the script with his partner on Camera Obscura Cameron Burns and Keith Lansdale (Creepshow). The stars of The Pale Door are Devin Druid (13 Reasons Why), Zachary Knighton (Happy Endings), Noah Segan (Knives Out), Stan Shaw (Monster Squad), Pat Healy (Cheap Thrills), Bill Sage (We Are What We Are) and Melora Walters (Magnolia).

The Pale Door is presented and executive produced by Joe R. Lansdale, the writer of Bubba Ho-Tep and Cold In July.