[Review] A Crescent City Fright: Invisible Chains

Publisher: Haverhill House Publishing|Published: July 22, 2019|Pages: 344

Invisible Chains is a blend of history, magic, and vampirism. It’s complex, powerful, and smart when it comes to historical and cultural relationships in antebellum South. Invisible Chains follows the life of a young Creole slave, Jacqueline, as she makes her way from the plantation to New Orleans. Jacqueline has to endure so much pain and torment throughout this book. It was almost unbearable. Rape and abuse scenes are difficult to read. But, to me, that’s where the horror ended and the dark fantasy began. Through all that pain and suffering there’s hope for Jacqueline.

The vampire, Carlos, is a great antagonist. Humans are the real bad guys in this story. Not only is Jacqueline enslaved by a plantation owner, she is bound by invisible chains to a vampire. Is it love or lust? Or is the predator teasing his prey? There’s also a werewolf and traveling circus folk. With that deadly combination, the book should have sang, but there are some pacing issues, especially near the end. One of the best parts about this book is the atmosphere of New Orleans. Michelle Renee Lane brings the city to life quite well. She did her research on the gothic horror tropes and the history of New Orleans.

The writing is solid. The style is there, but the pacing needs some work. I also feel like the romance outweighed the horror. The cover sets the tone for the book. It helps when the cover artist reads the manuscript first. The ending felt rushed, but it was satisfying. My overall reading experience was good. Invisible Chains is a good debut. I look forward to reading her next novel. If you like paranormal romance, then this book is for you.

Trigger Warnings: Rape and Abuse

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Jacqueline is a young Creole slave in antebellum New Orleans. An unusual stranger who has haunted her dreams since childhood comes to stay as a guest in her master’s house. Soon after his arrival, members of the household die mysteriously and Jacqueline is suspected of murder. Despite her fear of the stranger, Jacqueline befriends him and he helps her escape. While running from the slave catchers, they meet conjurers, a loup-garou, and a traveling circus of supernatural freaks. She relies on ancestral magic to guide her and finds strength to conquer her fears on her journey.

You can find Invisible Chains at Amazon.

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