[Review] Three Tales of Terror: Body Bags

Body Bags is a made for TV horror anthology film written and directed by John Carpenter. The film is set in the horrific town of Haddonfield, Illinois. It’s broken down into three stories, all of which are summed up in a morgue by the ghoulish host played by none other than John Carpenter himself. There’s a sort of Crypt Keeper like vibe to the host, which I dug immensely.

The first story is “The Gas Station,” written and directed by John Carpenter. It’s about a college student’s first evening on the job as a gas station tenant. Some of her customers are sketchy, mainly Wes Craven’s character. He played the sketchy character perfectly. John Carpenter does a great job misdirecting the audience. I thought the special effects were going to be abysmal, but John Carpenter does an excellent job with the blood and guts. I love a good kill scene.

The second story is “Hair” was also written and directed by John Carpenter. It’s about a middle aged man going through a midlife crisis. He’s dating a younger lady, and he wants to impress her. He longs for the old days and his lush locks. While flipping through the channels one afternoon, he watches a commercial on hair growth. He checks into it. The doctor talks him into getting a long hairstyle, just like the one from his misspent youth. After he gets the new hairstyle, his relationship improves, but not for long. “Hair” is a careful what you wish for type story.

“Hair” had some recognizable actors in familiar roles. The acting was solid. The special effects were a bit dated, though. And there wasn’t any real frights in this story. It felt more like a science fiction story more than anything. I did get grossed out by a few scenes. The ending fell a little flat with the reveal, but the actors did a good job selling it.

The third story is “Eye” featuring Mark Hamill as a baseball player that loses an eye. Overall, I enjoyed the tale but I couldn’t stand Hamill’s accent. It didn’t sound that authentic. So, after he loses his eye, he has a groundbreaking eye transplant. It goes horribly wrong and fast. What starts out as headaches quickly become evil visions.

If you like anthology films, then you will dig Body Bags very much. I wish more television networks would air horror specials. There’s nothing groundbreaking about Body Bags, but it’s a good way to spend an hour and a half. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it for free.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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