Surprise Book Release From Max Booth III

I haven’t read any books published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, but that is soon going to change. As I was scrolling through Twitter I found Max Booth III. He is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and a funny person. You should give him follow, not only for his humor, but for the surprise book news. He does things differently, which makes his publishing company stand out all the more. Last night he tweeted a surprise release of his latest novella aptly titled We Need To Do Something. The paperback doesn’t ship until May 8th 2020, but you can go ahead and buy an ebook version here.


A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning.

“Don’t look now but Max Booth III is one of the best in horror, and he’s only getting started.” –Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX and MALORIE

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