Coming Soon From Silver Shamrock Publishing

Silver Shamrock Publishing has produced several great books this past year, and they show no signs of slowing down. I made a list of all the books Silver Shamrock is planning to publish in 2020. Some of the titles do not have release dates yet, so please check back for updated release dates.

Silver Shamrock Publishing is relatively new, but they already have a great lineup of authors. The books all have quality covers. I’ve heard great things about this company. I know where I’ll be spending my book allowance. You can check out their website here.

Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling

It’s scheduled for release on June 16th 2020.


About fifteen miles west of Stauford, Kentucky lies Devil’s Creek. According to local legend, there used to be a church out there, home to the Lord’s Church of Holy Voices—a death cult where Jacob Masters preached the gospel of a nameless god. And like most legends, there’s truth buried among the roots and bones. In 1983, the church burned to the ground following a mass suicide. Among the survivors were Jacob’s six children and their grandparents, who banded together to defy their former minister. Dubbed the “Stauford Six,” these children grew up amid scrutiny and ridicule, but their infamy has faded over the last thirty years. Now their ordeal is all but forgotten, and Jacob Masters is nothing more than a scary story told around campfires. For Jack Tremly, one of the Six, memories of that fateful night have fueled a successful art career—and a lifetime of nightmares. When his grandmother Imogene dies, Jack returns to Stauford to settle her estate. What he finds waiting for him are secrets Imogene kept in his youth, secrets about his father and the church. Secrets that can no longer stay buried. The roots of Jacob’s buried god run deep, and within the heart of Devil’s Creek, something is beginning to stir…

You can pre-order Devil’s Creek here.

A Stranger’s Guide by Charlotte Platt

It’s set to release this summer. Stay tuned for an updated release date.


Being able to see what you shouldn’t is useful, sometimes.

Carter Brooks is new to Glasgow and looking for his sister, Sarah, who went missing three weeks ago. He must rely on the help of her friends, mentor, and the unusual diary she was investigating to track her down.

As he navigates the supernatural beings within the city, and discovers the life Sarah was hiding from him, Carter is obliged to use the gifts he’s rejected to uncover why someone would want to hurt her.

This drags him into the path of an old and hungry god, who abducts Carter in his sleep to offer help at a steep price. With the promise of continued interference and the taunting reminder that Sarah’s time is running out, Carter must choose who to trust and what to believe before he loses her forever.

Dark Choir by Paul Melhuish

It’s set to release on April 21st 2020.


Six victims. 

Six perpetrators. 

A means for the scarred, abused, and powerless to take their revenge upon those who have wronged them. To make them pay the ultimate price for their crimes.

Dan Hepworth is forced to return to his home town of Scarsdale after his mother’s death where memories of fear and abuse still haunt him. His disabled sister, Lindsey, and her live-in nurse, Alison, still reside in his mother’s isolated rural house where Dan is to spend the next few days for his mother’s funeral. However, all is not right in Scarsdale. A ghostly robed man walks the hills around the town at night and unearthly singing had been heard coming from the derelict asylum across the valley. 

Worse still, retired nurses and ex-patients from the asylum are being targeted at night by unknown assailants, enduring psychological and physical attacks on their person and property with the word CHOIR scrawled across the walls of their homes after each attack. When Dan’s sister, Lindsey, is visited by the robed apparition and those around her are stalked by the violent assailants, Dan begins to uncover uncomfortable truths and dark secrets about the asylum and its former patients. 

Dan starts a perilous journey into the past as he gets close to finding out the identity of the nocturnal attackers, the abuse carried out on those too weak to defend themselves, and the reason why the ghostly singing can be heard from the asylum at night. Alone and isolated in the run-down former hospital, Dan will need to accept the mind-bending truth as he comes face to face with the Dark Choir.

You can pre-order Dark Choir here.

Coming Later This Year

Surprise Book Release From Max Booth III

I haven’t read any books published by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, but that is soon going to change. As I was scrolling through Twitter I found Max Booth III. He is the co-owner of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and a funny person. You should give him follow, not only for his humor, but for the surprise book news. He does things differently, which makes his publishing company stand out all the more. Last night he tweeted a surprise release of his latest novella aptly titled We Need To Do Something. The paperback doesn’t ship until May 8th 2020, but you can go ahead and buy an ebook version here.


A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning.

“Don’t look now but Max Booth III is one of the best in horror, and he’s only getting started.” –Josh Malerman, author of BIRD BOX and MALORIE

New and Upcoming Releases From Poltergeist Press

Coming 2021 from Poltergeist Press it’s Cut to Care: A Collection of Little Hurts by Aaron Dries. I couldn’t find an official press release on Poltergeist Press’s website. As I was scrolling through Twitter today, I came across a tweet by Poltergeist Press. Aaron Dries confirmed the news with a retweet.

After visiting Poltergeist Press, I decided to expand on this post with some recent and upcoming releases. Their lineup is so strong, and I need to catch up on their catalogue, which is filled with new releases and re-releases. Poltergeist Press publishes in both Russian and English. I just put these titles on my TBR stack. Just look at their beautiful book covers. You know they care about the books they’re selling. Poltergeist Press can be found here.

Cut To Care: A Collection of Little Hurts by Aaron Dries

Kelli Owen’s Black Bubbles

Kelli Owen’s Black Bubbles is a re-release by Poltergeist Press. It dropped April 10th 2020 in hardcover, paperback and ebook. The cover looks intriguing! You can buy a copy here.


Kelli Owen’s debut collection returns! Featuring a foreword by Thomas F. Monteleone

Horror is pessimism at its bleakest. Worst-case scenario. The darker side of reality. The glass half-empty. The situation unfathomable. In Black Bubbles, Kelli Owen presents classic genre tropes–ghosts, murderers, zombies, what you’d expect (sans sharks)–but it’s the characters, rather than the tropes, that experience the story, speak of the horrors, and sometimes survive the inevitable. Sometimes.

A decades-old crime shocks a family as evidence points to one of their own…An ancient evil hitchhikes its way to freedom…A child has an unusual fascination with decay…A woman excuses premeditation…Death takes a holiday…Science and good intentions make horrific bedfellows…A man hides from nightmares that invade his waking world…

Kelli Owen’s first collection gathers over 60,000 words, including a handful of out-of-print, difficult-to-find previously published work, a plethora of new pieces, story notes, drawings inspired by the title story, and an introduction by the legendary Thomas Monteleone.

Tim Meyer’s Dead Daughters

Just look at that cover. All that blood has my horror heart racing. Poltergeist Press is releasing this one April 16th 2020. If the books anything like the cover, it’s going to be a wild ride indeed. You can pre-order your copy here.


Drew Lowery is living the American Dream. He has the perfect family, a stable job, and a beautiful home in the suburbs of central New Jersey. Things can’t get much better. But what seems like the ideal life is suddenly upended when he receives a blank envelope in the mail.

Inside lies a picture of his daughter, a photograph of her violent murder. Only it can’t be her. He just tucked her in and kissed her goodnight ten minutes ago. But the mysterious Polaroid is only the beginning.

There’s the van following his daughter to school. The man she sees outside her window late at night. The fact someone entered her room while the Lowerys slept peacefully.

Local authorities are clueless. No leads, no clues, and ultimately—no answers. Drew launches his own investigation, falling into a hole of lies and deceit, a truth he never saw coming. Dead Daughters is the new twisted thriller from Tim Meyer, author ofThe Switch House and Kill Hill Carnage.

Matt Hayward’s Those Below the Tree House

Poltergeist Press is releasing The Below the Tree House on June 11, 2020. The cover looks amazing! You can pre-order it here.


After an attack leaves Tony’s stepfather wounded, his thirteenth birthday descends into a nightmare. His stepdad is home, a bite on his neck, as Riverside’s only officer searches the woodlands for the aggressor. Tony is told not to cause a panic among the few kids living in Riverside’s mountaintop community, and his best friends Ben Rodgers and Lee Tally are unaware.

Overnight, the condition of Tony’s stepfather worsens. His mother won’t leave the bedside. And soon, Riverside is turned upside down as residents morph into moss-covered abominations. Freaks.

Joined by the local bully, the boys seek refuge in Rodgers’ tree house, trapped inside as neighbors, and even family, claw the trunk… Food and water soon run low.

With all hope lost, the boys decide to have their first of what they can before time runs out. Their first drink, their first cigarette, their first of anything at all. Like baby birds thrown from the nest, they will need to fly or fall. And time is running short.

For his thirteenth birthday, Tony learns the world has teeth. And someone else is out there, too, watching. An adult in a butcher’s apron. Waiting…

Those Below The Tree House is the new supernatural coming-of-age from the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of What Do Monsters Fear? and A Penny For Your Thoughts.

Lady Luck by Matt Hayward and Robert Ford

Lady Luck is the second book in The Lowback Series. It picks up two years after A Penny For Your Thoughts. It’s dropping August 27th 2020. You can pre-order a copy here.


Ford and Hayward return with the highly anticipated sequel to A Penny For Your Thoughts!

After two years of silence, an email from an old friend:

“Joe…I don’t think we’re finished.”

The words put Joe on the road—heading right into the thick of things, all over again.

In Lowback, Joe and his friends had faced off against the Crimson Sisters, and they had gotten away unscathed—barely.

But Joe is now heading to a new town to meet a woman by the name of Lady Luck—the self-proclaimed savior of Clintonburg.

Find the Queen. Her game is simple enough, but in her hands, it will unleash hell.

Pre-order Scott Cole’s Crazytimes

Scott Cole’s latest book, Crazytimes, is being published by Grindhouse Press on May 19, 2020. You can buy it in paperback, Kindle, or borrow it on Kindle Unlimited. I look forward to reading this one upon release. You can pre-order Crazytimes here. In the meantime, you should check out his other books here.


You wake up Monday morning and everyone is crazy. Everyone was already crazy, though, right? But somehow things are worse today. People are angry, throwing chairs out of office windows, eating rocks, violently scratching their necks, and running naked through the streets. They’re killing each other for no reason and laughing through the carnage. The whole city is like this. And meteors are falling from the hazy skies above. How are you going to survive? Do you even want to? This isn’t just another manic Monday. This is Crazytimes.

[Review] Revenge Is Sweet: John Hasty’s Candy Corn

Director: Josh Hasty | Writer: Josh Hasty | Released: September 19th 2019 | Run Time: 1h 25min

Candy corn is the one candy that is associated with Halloween. People either love it or hate it, there’s no central ground. Same goes for this movie. I was scrolling through Showtime movies, and came across Candy Corn. I ignored the low star rating. The poster had a few familiar faces, so I gave it a watch.

The premise is similar to other horror films. Candy Corn borrows from several classic films, but it fails to make the formula work, though. A local outcast is killed by a group of bullies at the carnival on All Hallow’s Eve. The carnies resurrect the outcast, and he goes on a revenge tour, killing the bullies one by one. It’s a mix mash Pumpkinhead and Horror High.

Besides the four main actors, the acting is abysmal. The supporting cast is out of rhythm and their lines are choppy. The dialogue never seemed to flow between the bullies. It’s a real shame, too. Great story messed up by poor acting. But like I said before, it’s the four main actors that come in and save the scenes.

The special effects were good. I enjoyed the kill scenes, and the blood and guts left in the outcast’s wake. I also liked the look of the outcast’s special effects. The bathroom scene grossed me out when he tricked the old, try-hard guy. Courtney Gains plays a pretty good sheriff, trying to solve the murders. Turns out, one of the bullies is his kid. So you already know the story is well layered. I hope there will be a sequel.

You can buy or rent Candy Corn, or you can stream it on Showtime.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

It’s Halloween weekend and a group of bullies are planning their annual hazing on local outcast, Jacob Atkins. When they take things too far, he’s resurrected to seek revenge against those that wronged him.

Arrow Video Easter Sale

Hi there! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. I came across this huge sale on Facebook earlier today. Arrow Video creates old and obscure Blu-Rays and DVDs. Some of the films haven’t seen the light of day in decades. You should go check out their Easter sale. It runs from April 8th – April 22nd, and they have 530 items on sale ranging anywhere from $5.00 and up. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, I have listed some of my favorites below.


Step into the House of horror! From the team that brought you Friday the 13th comes one of the all-time ’80s horror greats, at long-last upgraded in hair-raising HD!

William Katt (Carrie) stars as Roger Cobb, a divorced horror novelist coming to terms with the disappearance of his young son. 

When he inherits his late aunt’s old mansion, Roger decides that he’s found the ideal place in which to pen his next bestseller. Unfortunately, the house’s malevolent supernatural residents have other ideas…

Directed by Steve Miner – the man behind such horror hits as Friday the 13th Part II and III, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later and Lake Placid – House remains one of the defining fright flicks of its era.


From Juan Piquer Simón, director of the equally unhinged SlugsPieces is the original sickening slasher classic, now restored in glorious 4K! A Boston college campus is being terrorised by a black-clad maniac who collects body parts from his unfortunate co-ed victims. As the corpses (and red herrings) begin to pile up, can Professor Brown (genre veteran Jack Taylor) unmask the murderer before his morbid puzzle is complete? 

Boasting some of the most outrageous gore set-pieces ever to splash their way across the screen (including a particularly memorable slow-motion evisceration atop a waterbed), Pieces is an essential slice of Spanish splatter and more gruesome than ever on Blu-ray.

From cult Spanish filmmaker José Ramón Larraz (VampyresSymptoms) comes this long-neglected late 80s slasher classic, finally unleashed on Blu-ray for the first time ever! 

The rural community of Paddock County is being rocked by the crazed exploits of an axe-wielding psychopath, who stalks the night in a black trenchcoat and mask. As the victims pile up, the authorities attempt to keep a lid on the situation, whilst computer whizz-kid Gerald and girlfriend Lillian seek to unmask the killer before the town population reaches zero. 

Nominally set in Northern California but shot primarily in Madrid, giving the film an off-kilter, American/European atmosphere akin to the likes of Pieces, Edge of the Axe is a late entry hack-and-slash masterpiece from one of the titans of Spanish terror.

From cult Spanish filmmaker José Ramón Larraz (VampyresSymptoms) comes this long-neglected late 80s slasher classic, finally unleashed on Blu-ray for the first time ever! 

The rural community of Paddock County is being rocked by the crazed exploits of an axe-wielding psychopath, who stalks the night in a black trenchcoat and mask. As the victims pile up, the authorities attempt to keep a lid on the situation, whilst computer whizz-kid Gerald and girlfriend Lillian seek to unmask the killer before the town population reaches zero. 

Nominally set in Northern California but shot primarily in Madrid, giving the film an off-kilter, American/European atmosphere akin to the likes of Pieces, Edge of the Axe is a late entry hack-and-slash masterpiece from one of the titans of Spanish terror.

The Exorcist meets the Winter Olympics in this tale of demonic possession and snowbound slashing from director Christopher Webster, producer of Hellraiser and Hellraiser II: Hellbound.

For a group of young couples, a snowmobiling trip turns into a waking nightmare when one of their number is thrown from their vehicle and knocked unconscious. Seeking refuge in a nearby abandoned summer camp, the group find themselves holed up in a cabin filled with bizarre and ominous religious artefacts. As night falls, the discovery of a Ouija board amidst the dusty relics awakens a terrifying evil.

Barely released outside of its original VHS outing (for which it was retitled Demon Possessed), cult enthusiasts Arrow Video have dug up The Chill Factor from its wintry analogue grave so horror fans can rediscover this heady mixture of snow, slaughter and Satan!

You can find the Arrow Video Easter Sale here.

Idle Hands Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

Idle Hands has been on my Blu-Ray wish list for some time now. It’s one of my favorite teen horror films. It’s been a while since I watched this movie, but it holds a special place in my horror heart. Idle Hands is a horror comedy, and one of the best horror films of the 90s. It’s jam packed with talented young actors. Everyone involved in this film looked like they were having fun. I can’t wait for this one to drop, so I can add it to my personal collection. Check out the synopsis below and pre-order your copy here. You could even score an exclusive poster while supplies last.


“Hilarious. It’s even funnier than it is scary!” – Jeff Craig, SIXTY SECOND PREVIEW

The Devil will find work for idle hands to do … so what happens when he chooses the laziest teen slacker in the world to do his dirty work?

Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa, Final Destination) is a channel-surfing, junk-food-munching, couch-potato burn-out who can’t control the murderous impulses of his recently possessed hand. With the help of his zombiefied buddies, Mick (Seth Green, Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery) and Pnub (Elden Henson, Daredevil), Anton’s got to stop the rampaging devil appendage before it takes total control of his life and ruins any chance he has with class hottie Molly (Jessica Alba, Dark Angel). Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill) and Jack Noseworthy (Event Horizon) co-star in this wickedly funny horror comedy.

Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio Commentary With Actors Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, And Vivica A. Fox
  • NEW Bloody Punk Fun – An Interview With Director Rodman Flender
  • NEW Stoner Headspace – An Interview With Actor Elden Henson
  • NEW This Face, These Hands – An Interview With Actor Sean Whalen
  • NEW Sleight Of Hand – An Interview With Actor Christopher Hart
  • NEW Written In Blood – An Interview With Writer Terri Hughes Burton
  • Audio Commentary By Director Rodman Flender And Actors Seth Green And Elden Henson
  • Deleted Scenes With Optional Audio Commentary By Director Rodman Flender
  • Vintage Making-Of Featurette
  • Storyboard Comparisons
  • Theatrical Trailer

8-Bit Horror: Scary NES Games

Nostalgia is a word that has been thrown around a little too much lately. When people think nostalgia, it’s usually in regards to the 1980s. It’s the decade of hair metal bands, horror movies, and video games. Most, if not all of us, look back on the 1980s with fondness. You no longer had to go down to the Arcade to play your favorite video games. The Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized the gaming industry for the better. The Atari was great, but come on, Nintendo changed the game forever. When the Nintendo first dropped it was priced at $199.99, which was pretty steep in 1985.

It can be argued that the Nintendo dropped in the middle of the Golden Age of Horror cinema. Nintendo capitalized on horror’s popularity amongst adults, teens, and kids alike. From ghosts, vampires, and sharks to slasher films, Nintendo jumped on the horror franchises to make fun and enjoyable games for the whole family. Let’s face it, not much is scary in 8-Bit, but the following eight games come pretty damn close.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

You can find Ghosts ‘N Goblins on Nintendo Switch Online. It’s a wonderful game that plays like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Castlevania. The level of difficulty isn’t that high, but as you progress, the game gets a bit harder. It’s fun for all types of gamers, whether your a seasoned pro or a beginner.


The beautiful princess is kidnapped. Her lover, the Knight in shining armor, armed with five different weapons to fight the enemy, sets out to rescue the beautiful princess. The Knight, aided by your skill, must pass through seven different guarded gates, fighting and destroying demons, dragons, giants and zombies. There are hidden characters, too! Some friends, some foes. Ghosts ‘N Goblins is exciting… challenging you and the Knight to rescue the princess, amid great danger, escaping Hades, land of the enemies!


Who doesn’t like hunting vampires? Castlevania is one of the more popular horror games. It’s popularity is in the same stratosphere as Metroid, but not quite Mario or Zelda status, yet. The game was the first of many that have spanned several gaming platforms. It has also spawned a Netflix series. Castlevania is known for being a hard game to play. The gameplay is good, but the level of difficulty is can take its toll on a gamer.


Castlevania marked the beginning of Konami’s acclaimed series, one that is still going strong today!

As vampire hunter Simon Belmont, you must fight your way through Dracula’s castle teeming with ghosts, goblins, demons and other supernatural creatures. Six challenging levels await before you finally confront the Count himself.

You’ll need your wits and weapons to survive because when you finally meet Dracula, you know he’ll be going for the jugular. So keep your courage up and your stake sharp!

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street was the coolest horror franchise in the 80s. Its commercial success was a game changer for horror, and it hasn’t been replicated since. The series was interwoven into 80s pop culture and people wanted to cash in on Freddy Krueger’s success. A Nightmare on Elm Street is fun for the most part. You play as high school teens trying to find and burn the bones of Freddy Krueger before he kills you in your dreams. It’s not as odd as Friday the 13th, but it’s still a little wonky. It’s a great collector’s item if your a fan of Springwood Slasher.


Something frightening has been happening on Elm Street lately. It seems that with each waking day another gruesome discovery is made… another neighborhood teen has mysteriously passed away into the dark stillness of the night. Everyone says it’s “natural causes,” but it seems as if something (or someone) has been picking them off one by one in their sleep. It’s a horrible nightmare come true… and this nightmare has a name; Freddy Krueger.

It’s up to you and your remaining friends to search Elm Street for his bones, which have been scattered about, then collect and burn them in the High School furnace. If you can just stay awake long enough, you might be able to end Freddy’s reign of terror for good. You had better hurry though, it’s getting late and you can feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier by the minute.

This plot is parallel of the film series, a spin-off.

Friday the 13th

Jason Vorhees gives Freddy Krueger a run for his money. You play as camp counselors who are trying to protect campers from Jason Vorhees. Great premise, right? But no, the game developers dropped the ball. The game isn’t that fun. I know. What a waste, huh? It’s very difficult and it doesn’t really make any sense. But it makes for a great collector’s item. If you don’t have this in your horror stash, then you should get it.


It’s a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There’s a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six Camp Counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. And Jason is on a rampage. It’s up to you to stop him, but it’s not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn. You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. And hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won’t keep you safe – Jason will find you anywhere. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him. 

This plot is parallel of the film series, a spin-off. 

Ghoul School

Ghoul School is a pretty good game. Great story with a blood-soaked ending. It’s one of the first survival horror games ever made. I feel like it would have been better on the SNES or N64. It definitely would have been more successful.


While taking the usual shortcut home through the cemetery from Cool School High, Senior Spike O’Hara found a strange, glowing skull. He put it in his backpack to show to his anatomy teacher the next day, which happened to be Halloween Eve. When Dr. Femur wanted to keep the skull for a special study, Spike was concerned because it appeared that the skull was bigger than it was the day before. Little did anyone know that the skull had begun transmitting its message to the realm of the dead. The ghouls had begun their assault…

Ghosts/demons have taken over Cool School High. They have turned the teachers and football team into demons. To make matters worse, they have kidnapped Samantha Pompom, the head cheerleader. The player assumes the role of Spike O’Hara as he tries to defeat the ghouls and rescue Samantha. He will have to explore more than 200 rooms and defeat a large number of enemies. There are items and weapons throughout the game that O’Hara can find to defeat the ghouls, though many of these items are well-hidden.


It’s showtime! I love the video game as much as I loved the film. The game is just like the film, except you have to go through eight horrific levels. But your still trying to scare the city folks out of your house. It’s a fun game.


It’s showtime…starring me…The Ghost with the Most! How’d you like to help me scare those city folks out of your house…and their wits!?! We’ll scare our way through eight horrific levels, including the Graveyard (it’s so nice this time of the year) and the Ghoul House. And run into (and away from) Killer Giant Beetles, Legs Without Heads and Deadly Scorpions. Wait ’til you get a load of the weirdos in the Afterlife Waiting Room! Just remember, one wrong move and you’re food for the Sand Worm.

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion is a pretty fun game. Feels more like a computer game, though. You play as a three interchangeable player team rescuing Sandy from the evil doctor’s house.


The Edison mansion has always been a creepy old house on the edge of town. There have been rumors of strange experiments going on and of odd creatures living amongst the Edison family. There is even a story that a meteorite once crashed near the home nearly 20 years ago. More immediately, a girl named Sandy has gone missing from the local high school and her boyfriend Dave swears that he saw Dr. Fred abducting her. Dave knows that he cannot do it alone and will need help from two other students if he has any hope of infiltrating the mansion and rescuing Sandy.

Players start by choosing two students to accompany Dave to the Edison mansion, and can then switch between these three characters at will. Most actions are carried out by selecting verbs on the screen and applying them to an object (such as “OPEN Door”). Each character maintains a separate personality and may have a different way to solve a problem from his classmates. Thus many of the puzzles can be overcome in different ways depending on the character being used. If any one of the kids are captured by the Edisons, they are thrown into the dungeon and must be rescued themselves by any character who still has their freedom.

Monster Party

Monster Party is a horror game with low-rent Universal Studios monsters. It was a pretty obscure game when it released, and it still is today. Not many people talk about this horror game. You play as a young boy, Mark, who wields a baseball bat. He encounters Bert, a monster, who needs Mark’s help in saving his planet. Mark must face off against evil monsters. The monsters are so cool and creative.


You are a young boy with a baseball bat named Mark. On your way home from a baseball game, you encounter a monster named Bert. Bert needs your help in saving his planet from the evil monsters. You learn how to fuse with Bert and become a monster fighting gargoyle. You’ll spend most of the game attacking bad guys by swinging your bat at them or volleying their fire.

[Review] Brains! The Return of the Living Dead

Director: Dan O’Bannon | Writers: Rudy Ricci (story), John A. Russo (story), Russell Streiner (story), an Dan O’Bannon (screenplay) | Released: 16 August 1985 | Run Time: 1hr 31min

Return of the Living Dead is one of those popular 80s horror movies that’s so bad it’s kind of good. The premise is intriguing enough, but the director and cast never quite pulled it off. It was hard for me to suspend my disbelief with the military shipping the living dead in oil barrels to the wrong location. Why didn’t the military put shipping labels on the barrels? Who did the military get to ship the barrels? I question their gross negligence in the film.

The film is set in St. Louis, Missouri, but you wouldn’t know it if the film didn’t tell you. We don’t get to see an identifiable landmark that associates the film with St. Louis until the end. But even then, it’s a cut scene and you only get a glimpse.

The story follows two warehouse workers who release a deadly gas from the oil barrel into the air. It fills the warehouse, making them cough. The zombie escapes and the two workers lock it in the basement. They contemplate calling the police and military, but they decide not because they don’t want to get in trouble and lose their jobs. So, they do what they think is the next best thing and call their boss.

A local group of teens are waiting on their friend to get off work from the warehouse. So, to kill time the group hangs out in the nearby cemetery. The teens play clique characters. As they’re chilling amongst the tombstones, one of the ladies strips down and dances on someone’s grave. She contemplates death, which apparently turns her on.

The guys from the warehouse decide they need to get rid of the zombie by incinerating the corpse at the funeral home. The two employees start turning into zombies themselves, but it’s a slow drawn out process. The two actors still the show with their humor. While the zombie burned, the deadly gas escaped out the chimney, settling over the cemetery, infecting the teens and the dead alike. The people in the funeral home must survive the two zombies inside and the hoard of zombies outside. The zombies are hungry for brains, and they’ll stop at nothing to satisfy their cravings.

The story was decent for the most part, nothing spectacular. The acting was hit and miss. You can tell when the dialogue is smooth and when it’s choppy. It’s all about timing and flow, which The Return of the Living Dead was lacking. The special effects are dated, but they’re still cool to see. I couldn’t tell if the film was set in a post-zombie apocalypse or in the midst of one. Either way, The Return of the Living Dead ends with a bang. The ending didn’t pay off, though. It was too quick and convenient. I think the director was going for shock value. Maybe it worked for fans during the Cold War, but it didn’t work for me. The Return of the Living Dead was made for one thing and one thing only, and that’s to deliver the fun. It delivers all the gory fun.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

When two bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to rise again as zombies.

The Last of Us Part II Delayed

I remember when The Last of Us dropped. It had so much buzz in the horror and gaming communities. It was hyped for like two years before it dropped on the PS3. The hype was real. I remember grabbing my copy after work, and racing home to install it. Remember how terrible load times were on PS3? After the game downloaded, I sat down with a few snacks and started playing. Next thing I know, the end credits were rolling. Before The Last of Us dropped, the only real horror games available for Playstation was the Resident Evil series and the Dead Space series. The Last of Us transcended the horror video game genre. It took the story to the next level. The graphics were to the max and the gameplay was fun and interactive. The story was like reading a book or watching a film. There was so much attention to the little details.

Fast forward to 2020 with the PS4. Again, Naughty Dog is at the forefront of the horror genre. The world has been waiting on this game for years. The graphics look amazing, the gameplay looks fun, and the story is intriguing. But then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. We got news that Naughty Dog has delayed The Last of Us Part II indefinitely. There’s some good news, though. They are working on the last of the bugs and glitches. Naughty Dog made the right decision to delay the game. The Last of Us Part II will go on to break several sales records upon release. With everyone at home because of COVID-19 and no real end to the pandemic in sight, you’d think they would go ahead a drop it. But you have to take their team into consideration, too. They’re stuck at home, just like we are. This delay is only making me want this game more.


Naughty Dog

April 2, 2020

As you’ve likely just seen, the release of The Last of Us Part II has been delayed. We’re sure this news is just as disappointing to you as it is to us. We wanted to reach out to all of you in our community to give you a little more information. 

The good news is, we’re nearly done with development of The Last of Us Part II. We are in the midst of fixing our final bugs.

However, even with us finishing the game, we were faced with the reality that due to logistics beyond our control, we couldn’t launch The Last of Us Part II to our satisfaction. We want to make sure everyone gets to play The Last of Us Part II around the same time, ensuring that we’re doing everything possible to preserve the best experience for everyone. This meant delaying the game until such a time where we can solve these logistic issues.

We were bummed about this decision but ultimately understood it’s what’s best and fair to all of our players. We’re hoping that this won’t be a long delay and we’ll update you as soon as we have new information to share. 

We wish you all, your families, and your friends the best of health. Thank you for being amazing fans and your continued support.

Stay safe!

– Naughty Dog

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