Halloween Kills Gets Official Novelization

This past Saturday, we had a blast hanging out with David Gordon Green, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter in the #HalloweenAtHome watch party on Twitter. They watched and tweeted along with Halloween (2018). They also interacted with fans. Ryan Turek, Blumhouse’s VP of feature film development, participated in the fun, too. In fact, he revealed there will be an official Halloween Kills novelization.

I just read a draft of the novelization for Halloween Kills,” Turek tweeted in response to a fan who brought up the official novelization for Gordon Green’s Halloween written by John Passarella.


Halloween Kills is still set for theatrical release on October 16, 2020. We expect the novelization will be released some time in October.

Tommy Lee Wallace Turns Shatner Mask Into Michael Myers Mask

We have all heard the story of how the Michael Myers mask came to be. But we didn’t know how the Captain Kirk mask was transformed into The Shape, until now. The video was originally made in 2014, and was supposed to be a part of the Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Set.