Coming Soon From Atlatl Press C.V. Hunt’s Murder House

C.V. Hunt has a new book arriving May 29th 2020. You can’t put Hunt’s writing in any one box. Her writing combines different genres, such as: horror, extreme horror, bizarro and splatterpunk. I’m going to start reading her books in order this summer. She seems cool and I want to support her writing. You should do the same and pre-order a copy of Murder House here.


It’s not the house you should be afraid of, it’s the people who live there. Laura’s boyfriend, Brent, is an author and he’s writing a true crime book about the Hallow’s Eve Massacre. The publisher has given Brent a tight deadline and the opportunity to stay in the house where the massacre took place. But the basement creeps Laura out and she’s left questioning her sanity after she sees things that may or may not be there. When Brent begins to act strange, Laura writes it off to the pressure of his deadline. Is Laura really losing her mind or is there something in the house that’s changing the couple?

C.V. Hunt lives in Dayton, Ohio and is the author of several unpopular books like RITUALISTIC HUMAN SACRIFICE, BABY HATER, and COCKBLOCK.